About Us

We are Research & Developers and we manufacture awesome products!

WE are a diversified electronics company, focused on technology and innovations in all aspects of lighting. As a world leader in lighting and control systems, X-Lume integrates technologies, design and manufacturing for lighting solutions, based on customer needs and advanced innovative technology for the future.


LED extrusions work as the connector between a light source and the application area and provides a stylish and finished look. The LED aluminum channel houses the LED ribbon lights, providing a stable surface for mounting on the wall, shelf, or other area. The extrusions are compact and easy to install as they can be cut easily to whatever length is needed. They are also designed to be made waterproof which opens up many more possibilities for use both inside and outdoors. LED lighting systems help create a safe environment for adults and children. This can be seen indoors in strip lighting on stair steps and railings, flooring or exit doorways in a building such as a theater or seniors’ home. LED extrusions can also be used for security lighting outside a residence, to illuminate a garage door, or for emergency directional signs.  



At X-LUME You Make a Difference

We are dedicated to the manufacturing of smart products and we strongly feel that if you’re going to cover a large surface area with a decorative material, it really should be durable.

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